TECT20: the 100% Made In Italy Container Tilter

TECT20: the 100% Made In Italy Container Tilter

TECT20: Installation

TC Recycling is proud to celebrate with you its latest product: the TECT20 Container Tilter.

The first machine has been installed in Oleggio (Novara, Northern Italy) to unload coffee trucks coming for Italy’s primary coffee producer.

Before TC Recycling, a tilter as TECT20 was still lacking on the Made in Italy’s market, although more and more logistical companies strive for such a product. Tc Recycling is proud to be the first Italian manufacturer to produce such a tilter model.

Companies dealing with logistics and transportation of coffee, rice, flours, waste and loose goods will now be able to discover all advantages of TECT20, along with TC Recycling technical support and expertise.

TECT20: Installation

All photos refer to a TECT20 for 20’ containers which was installed in Oleggio to move large amounts of coffee.

Trucks transport 20’ containers to our customer’s plant and, once arrived, containers can be unloaded by a bogie or directly by TECT20.

TECT20 can pick the containers both from the truck trailer and lift trucks.

TECT20: Flexible, Faster, Safer

TECT20 flexibility grants an easier workflow management, enabling a faster unloading of trucks.

Once the container is locked on the machine, TECT20 immediately begins to tilt it, thus reducing the loading and unloading time.

A hydraulic system ensures all locking operations and our safety system prevents lifting operations if even one single twist lock is left open.

TECT20 is part of TC Recycling Family of Container Tilters.